Color and image training

Colortime® image course

There are many roads that lead to Rome and many personal color analysis methodologies that lead to the end result.

The colortime® method is based on the colors as they change during the course of the day from early sunrise to the late twilight. This universal system that works for everybody as everyone can relate to these changing coloring of the day also takes into account the emotional aspect of color which is tight to our personalities and personal attachment to color. It is a less rigid system and includes many Crossover colors that work well with any color palette, which offers endless possibilities.

If you are an image professional (image consultant, stylist, makeup artist, wedding planner, a boutique owner. etc) and looking for a way to expand your color knowledge in order to offer an optimized service to your client, this course is for you.

Recommended reading: More Alive with Color – Leatrice Eiseman

The course includes the material to realize a color analysis for you to start right away.

The More Alive with color Fanguide.

The More Alive with color Fan guide is a great tool for stylists and image consultants. It contains a total of 168 Pantone® colors of the three Colortime® palettes, the cool, warm, and mid-tone palettes plus the 18 basic colors that combine well with any of the three palettes.

If you are a professional hairstylist, cosmetic consultant, fashion stylist, image consultant, wedding- or event planner, or anyone else who must make color decisions and give advice to clients, this will serve as a valuable professional tool.

Ideal for decorating

As a plus, the More Alive With Color fan guide will also help you to choose colors for decorating as it can be used for matching paint colors, choosing fabric colors or any other item that you need to coordinate for your home and interior design.

Price: 59EUR

Colourfan + tutorial*:       149EUR

*The tutorial includes a thorough explanation of the three Colortime™ palettes and the Crossover colors in order to be able to use the guide with ease and flair at a client consultation.